Goatwhore plaudern über kommendes Album

Die in N.O.L.A. beheimatete Black / Death Metal Band Goatwhore aus dem Dunstkreis von Soilent Green, Acid Bath und Crowbar ist gerade dabei ihrem dritten Album die letzten Schliffe zu verpassen. Erscheinen wird das gute Stück im September 2006 und trägt den Namen „A Haunting Curse“. Folgende Nummern werden den Weg auf das Metal Blade Debüt finden: „I Avenge Myself“, „Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult“ & „Bloodletting upon the Cloven Hoof“.

Die Band meint zum neuen Material:

Sammy (Gitarre & Gekreisch):
“Hmm… what should I say here? Be prepared to have your face ripped off! “A Haunting Curse” is darker, faster, and absolutely heavier than anything we have ever done before. I will say this to you… you have been warned!!!”

Zach (Schlagzeug):
"The new material is well thought out and is leagues above the bands past material. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved with the new album.”

Nathan (Bassgitarre & Gekreisch):
"This album is significant because it reflects a diversifying period for this band. Goatwhore has gone through many different changes and conflicts over the past four years. The material shows the growth of this band as well as the difficulties it has endured."

Und zum Produzent Erik Rutan:

"Working with Erik was a totally great time. He pushed this band to the limit and the final result surpassed all of our expectations."

"Erik Rutan facilitated every performance in a technical as well as artistic way. In every production-related aspect, Rutan's operations are flawless; there is no compromise for mediocrity in his studio. This album is the most intense and creative album Goatwhore has made thus far and it will be considered a critically pertinent album for dark satanic metal this year, as well as in years to come.”

"Erik Rutan is a true pro. I really admire how professional his approach is and how driven he is for perfection. His attitude and work ethic are infectious."

Quelle: Metal Blade Records

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