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The Sinister Flame Proudly Presents:

DOMAINS – Sinister Ceremonies

Release Date: January 1, 2014
Format: CD (LP to be released later)
Catalogue No: TSF001


1. Domains
2. Mastery
3. Through Infernal Damnation
4. Raped by Darkness
5. Hopeless
6. Eucharist of Relevance
7. Crowned at Dusk
8. Towards Pleroma
9. Labyrinth of Incense
10. Sinister Ceremonies


Front cover: Ignacio Bernácer
Insert art and DOMAINS logo: Héctor Granero
Cover artwork photo: Ángel "Xele" Coronado
Layout: DOMAINS and Chimere Noire
Recorded during 2012/2013 at the Crypt Of Hate
Produced by DOMAINS
Co-produced, mixed and mastered by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios

In an ocean of hollow and insincere releases it might sometimes be challenging to discern what is real. The long-awaited debut album of Spanish Nine Angles inspired DOMAINS brings you instantly to the abyss of Merciless and Luciferian Black Death Metal. It feels fresh and authentic... because it IS. 43 minutes of ALL the mastery, and ALL the scorn. The abyss has never cried like this.

"Matured, honest, eerie, a Victory of Darkness upon all that's mundane to my eyes,” clarifies D. Aggressor. “Perhaps someday I will rot in a grave, and Sinister Ceremonies, song by song, will shine gleaming upon the remains of my blood."

This release also marks the beginning of The Sinister Flame as a label. Up until now TSF has operated as a print publication, voicing bands and individuals involved in Black Arts. The label side is an extension of this, and TSF will deal exclusively with quality Satanic Art.

Labels and distributors are encouraged to get in touch for wholesale prices and selected trades. We are especially looking for exclusive distributors for different countries. Media representatives, especially print magazines, can request free (physical) promo copies.

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Ave Sathanas!

Today pre-order starts for Sinister Ceremonies, individuals or labels from Spain/Portugal contact directly the band through or contact the distro Antichristian Front at:

Also, the website have been updated with old archive flyers/interviews of the band + news.

Soon there will be an official statement by the band.

Satanic Black Death Metal is's a matter of weeks..

Aso remember that two songs can be heard at
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Wrong thread...
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