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Bleak Bone Mortualia is back with two new releases

THORYBOS - The Foul and the Flagrant MCD


Smoking blood in temples... Arisen from the miasmal black swamps of hiatus German THORYBOS
return with "The Foul and the Flagrant", a fetid chunk of utterly ruthless scorn and
synaesthetic abhorrence. These are 20 minutes of subversive bareknuckle Death/Black blasphemy
fundamentally aroused by malign volt-sorcery and befouled by the scent of ritual performance.
Pushed into darkness and drowned in black mire. Fog oils the faces.
Fat-cheeked black lizards, teeth, tongues and rites...

Limited to 300 handnumbered copies, 8-sided booklet

Listen: Full Stream on Bandcamp
Buy: The Foul and the Flagrant

THRONEUM / STORMVOLD - Fifth Column of Sheol Tape


This is the lim. 100 pro-tape version of a beast of a split release:
Polish institution THRONEUM once again spawn thrilling old school to the bone death worship
with furious attacks, suffocating breaks and a truely possessed voice.
Unholy vomit upon the inferior, blood & sacrifice to the dark ones!
Their partners in crime, the Tinerfeños of STORMVOLD, execute inhuman power & sheer dominance.
An absolute, sharp, boundless barbaric Death/Black pressuring, a display of
bursting & unsettling brute force almost unbearable for those who
do not impatiently await the devastating final end of all.

Listen: Full Stream on Bandcamp
Buy: Fifth Column Of Sheol
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